Internet Business Making Money

This is the why we need an internet business making money.

There are times when market conditions favor investment into a different type businesses.  There are also times when massive amounts of wealth have been generated.  Having an internet business making money is one solution. Companies are operating on global markets.  We see companies doing business with China and India.  Manufacturing is quickly migrating to China.  The jobs that once were the staples of American economics are gone so we look alternatives.

The landscape of major businesses has changed. We see the income of other nations going up while ours are going down.  People are getting by with less because less is offered to us by companies.  There is a gradual squeezing of the middle class.  We find ourselves looking for a second job to boost our income.  That is why it makes sense to build an internet business.  When we trading hours for dollars we are ending up with less of both. According to the Social Security Administration, of those people reaching age 65:

  • 45% are financially dependent on relatives.
  • 30% are dependent on charity.
  • 23% are still working. 2% are financially independent.


Twenty years ago there were more than 114,000 federally insured U.S. pension plans. Today the number is closer to 30,000.  According to the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC), 81% of these are under-funded. This seems pretty bleak…

It doesn’t have to be!

Technology has provided a solution.  After all, we are a nation of great innovators. This is where an internet business makes sense.

When the cell phone was first introduced, entrepreneurs who sold the phones and services, made an incredible amount of money.  Now, of course, only big businesses are making money.

The same type of wealth is being generated using the Internet with the added benefit of allowing a person to do it from home.  These are called Home Based Business.  Since it is an individually owned business, the individual contributor is the boss.

Internet Business GraphA strategy for managing change is to assume peoples attitudes adhere to a standard or bell curve distribution. The entrepreneurs who adopt a new technology during the highest level of resistance phase usually unmask the greatest amount of wealth.  After 15% of the population accepts a new technology, there is a period of hyper-growth.  This is where those entrepreneurs in the first part of the adoption phase see the greatest growth of wealth.

Once this phase reaches the other side of the curve, there are diminished returns.  This is where the market has the greatest amount of acceptance and big business usually takes over.  This pattern has happened in the past, it will happen in the future, and it is happening now.  Don’t wait until the general population has adopted the technology.  It will be too late.

Everybody has heard about!  Amazon has developed a business model on the Internet.  Amazon drives traffic through it to other companies.  These other companies are called Affiliates.

Affiliate marketing or the affiliate program is where Amazon makes their money.  Lots and lots of money!

What if you could set up your own  Something like  First you need to have a web site or blog.  Second you need something to sell.  Third you need traffic to your web site or blog.  Using these three elements together, an Internet business can generate wealth. I have a link to get you started.


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