Checking Magazines

Check How Many Magazines

Ok, the next thing I’ll do is check how many magazines there are on the subject of my chosen niche. There are two places I go online for that: –


Amazon –

At each site, I search by category to find the magazines in my niche.

Obviously the more the better, up to a point. For example, golf has a lot of magazines, but it’s not a good niche by itself. It needs to be more targeted. But in that case I can always get more targeted sub-niche ideas within that topic by looking at the types of magazines for that topic.

Now, as good as these sites are for finding magazines, I’m still going to need to go to a bookstore that carries lots of magazines and browse through the ones in my niche? Why? Because I want to see what kinds of ads are in them. I need to know who else is selling what, and it will also tell me whether the people in this niche spend money. And the ads will not only tell me that, but they will also tell me what the people in this niche spend their money ON. And if I want to know which ads keep appearing (because then I’ll know they are making money), I would want to pick up several issues in a row of the same magazine, if possible.

Ok. By now I should have a pretty good niche market to test. And by knowing what kinds of informational products are selling, I can start to formulate the content I’m going to use for my test. This is where I go to niche-specific sites.

So I’ll set up a mini-course on my autoresponder with my content. I like mini-courses better than just a free report to get them to opt in, because the free report is a one shot deal. I want to “train” them to be on the lookout for my emails, to anticipate them and open them. That way when (or if) my offer shows up in their inbox, it may have only been a day or two since they last heard from me, not weeks or months ago when they got their free report (in that case they’ll likely forget they signed up for your list and promptly delete your offer, unsubscribe, or report it as spam). If I have a free report I want to use, I’ll simply break it up for my mini-course. But as this is a new niche, it’s unlikely I’ll have a report yet.

I’ll then set up some very targeted PPC ads using Adwords. I want to match each ad group to the keywords as closely as possible.

Then I turn it all on and start building my list.

So where’s the product, you ask? Well, at this point, I don’t know for certain how much traffic I’ll get or whether they’ll opt in or not, never mind whether they will purchase my product. I have an idea, due to my research. But now we want hard numbers to back it all up before I invest any more of my time and money. Hence, the testing.

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