Checking Products for Sale

Checking the Products for Sale

You’ll also want to check the products for sale in your niche at (for digitally-delivered products) or (for physical products). A good site to see what the most popular products in Clickbank right now is

Here’s a GREAT site for gauging how big or small a niche is:

It allows you to search through 60,000 mailing lists to see how many subscribe to lists with your main niche keywords.

Keyword Elite ( is also a great tool for scoping the competition.

And let’s not forget Google Alerts (, a free service that lets you specify keywords, and whenever a new page pops up somewhere with those keywords, Google will notify you by email.

There are MANY resources out there that’ll help you with this kind of research. The key is to stick with the ones you find helpful and that are working for you. If you try to run your niche through every tool out there, you’re going to get some conflicting results, and it’s going to take you forever.

Keep it simple. Find a good niche, and move on.

Here’s another site to help you find good niches: – These are things people want to do. They’re telling YOU.

One other tool that may help you: – A free online mind mapping tool, for those that like to organize everything using mindmaps.

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