More on Google Trends

More on Google Trends
Another great use for Google Trends is if you are trying to decide between two different niches. If you enter your search terms and separate two or more with a comma, Google will compare them for you.


Very useful. The work is already done for you. You just need to put it to good use. As you can see above, piano is too broad a niche. It has a high amount of searches, but the bids for PPC traffic is too low. As a result, I would suspect that people are generally not making a lot of money with that search term. Remember, high volume + low PPC bids = low click through rates and even lower conversions.

Fly fishing, on the other hand, does have PPC bids within my “magic window”, so money is likely being made there. However, the search term itself is too low. Unless you have other keywords for that niche to add additional traffic, I would steer clear from there as well.

Remember, these aren’t rules set in stone, but rather guidelines to give you more resources in your arsenal. Combine this strategy with some of the sites and methods in this guide, and you now have the ability to find out an awful lot about any niche, and any competitor in that niche.

Google Insights ( is similar to Google Trends, but it gives some different information and flexibility. Still a very useful tool in determining market demand for your chosen keywords across time, major news stories that broke along the time line (like Google Trends) that could contribute to the niche’s popularity, etc.

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