Pay Per Click Costs

A Quick Way To Check

The Potential Profitability Of A Niche

I mentioned above that Amazon was a great place to do research.

Amazon –

It’s also a great place to see what currently exists for any given sub-niche. Chances are, the more books there are written on that subject, the more that market spends on those topics.

For example:


First I specify “Books” to search. Then I enter my niche, in this case “crafts.” As you can tewll in the screen snapshot above, there are WAY too many books returned. This niche is not targeted enough. It is too “mainstream.”


Much better! There are possibilities here. We now suspect the following:

1) This sub-niche may be targeted enough.

2) This sub-niche may spend money.

Time to scope it out a little further. We want to be as certain as we possibly can that our niche is focused enough but big enough, and that the people in that niche spend money.

So next I head over to Wordtracker (you can use the free version at and see how many estimated daily searches there are for our niche and related keywords.


I like to see at least 330 searches a day for all keywords combined, but not more than, say, 1700 or so (although I do have profitable niches that have only a hundred or so searches, but they are the exception rather than the rule). For “latch rug”, you can see that this market is just too small.

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